Be Present in His Presence (Spoken Word Poem)

See, I’m-caught up in the moment of pure atonement
My heart burns to know the Father more
Alone-I-sit-in this pit-vehemently tearin’ the dirt–yellin’
“Man I really need your presence Lord!”
and then the essence of a bloodstained cross materializes
I’m realizin’ “This my way out!”
Man I’m done with this pitiful island
so then I climb-and-I climb-and-I climb-and I climb
‘Till I reach the surface
smell that?
The sweet aroma of freedom is perfect
—but yet i’m–unsatisfied
I’m still in need for more that gratifies
–my–soul is–searchin’ and lurkin’ for the presence of
Because I need it, it’s as simple as that
And as I’m–cognizant of my environment it begins to fade to black
It’s just me again
Alone, quiet and still
These–words echo in my mind But stop as I hear a whisper from behind–me
Saying–“Go. Walk forward. Trust me and you’ll see.”
I take an early listen as my own spirit testifies to the Holy Spirit whisperin’–my–eyes look down
to my feet then back up again as I begin to weep
With tears of joy
–’cause I know I’ll find the beauty–that I–seek
So I begin to travail onward
And although my knees are weak
I find myself moving toward–a door that’s cracked open and I take a little peek-through it
I see some burnin’ thistles and adjacent to it I see a well of clear fluid
More like water that’s real bluish
As I step through the threshold I hear a still small voice from the bush of flames
Makin it plain that my aim is not to say here–
It’s to keep it movin’ and I’m choosin’ to go to the next room
Soon-I find myself in His dwelling place
My–face moves to the right and sees living creatures
Cherubim–Each had 4 faces and each had 4 wings and underneath their wing had human hand
Man do ya’ll understand the beauty!?
I turn to my left and see Seraphim crying
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts!
The whole earth is filled with His glory!”
Then I see the King of Kings seated on His great White Throne
I’m unworthy to stand in His presence so I kneel yet I feel right at home
I’m filled with love–peace–and joy
Better than any ecstasy or poppin’ Molly’s
Boy you better believe that I’m sweatin’
‘Cause the All-Consuming Fire is standing right next to me
I hear Him speak
“This is how you finish your race son”
“You need to spend more time with me. You need to abide in me. You need to see my beauty!”
So this is why I’m caught up in the moment of pure atonement
And this is why I need the Father’s heart everyday
“Well done my good and faithful servant”
That’s all I wanna hear Him say
So pray……….


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