My Heart (Spoken Word Poem)

See, alone, I could write raps
solely about social conscious facts uncommon to the majority that seem to lack
knowledge of racism, Marxism, Communism, conspiracies and Democracy
you could probably find that in one track
I could take the brush paint pictures with Imagery, Metaphors and Similes
all to say “Such ferocity in urban black communities must be stopped!”
I could write about cops, Ghettos’, Suburbs and how the war on terror is absurd
I could write words, that— breathe inspiration into the hearts of the disenfranchised
nudgin’em away from the lies—– and into book smarts
or I could write about political agendas, scandals and the dangers of a sex offender
a litany of issues the conscious brain is conscious of the misuse of power—————–but————— is it really ours?
false intellectualism, would have you boxed in like a multiple barred prison
a moon, eclipsing the Son’s (sun’s) glory and knowledge of Adonai, my mind should I keep going?
Yes! now if I take a step back I’d have raps boastin’ about Cadillacs on 15,000 of my tracks
and how women, like dimes, I stack sayin
“I’d never wanna buy that, I’d really rather ride that maybe the white or the black”
I’d settle for braggadocios rhymes that—– fill the hearts of listeners with me and how I’m killin’ the game in every line
and how my ice is nice too bright to shine in the eyes of those in view I promise it’ll make you blind
or how peace is disguised in a puff of smoke
sayin’ “I’ve looked and choked—-but—- marijuana would do just fine”
lies after lies after lies these rhymes would make you a slave and lead you to a grave of your demise
your grave stone would read “Fallen to Idolatry” there’s no way I could R.I.P.
see—-the God that gave me—-this gift
did not make me consciously social
or tell me to describe me as a dude goin’ postal
but breathed in me a heart
to write about Christ and the Gospel
to relentlessly speak truth into the lives of the broken hearted
and this mission is somethin’ that I’m wishin’
He’ll never let me depart from
see this is my heart
to see sinners follow after God’s Son!


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