The Bigger Picture (Spoken Word Poem)

See I tend to think of life as a living canvas
Each life experience, a brush stroke
Painful, yet beautiful
Numbing, yet crucial
Imagine with me for bit
Imagine how the canvas feels when those rough, ragged, boar hair bristles scratch across its tender surface
only to serve the purpose of painting a beautiful picture of the Son of Man
Now understand–its nerve endings might be screaming in pain
But soon realizes all this is not in vain
Like when you come across a dude
who could care less about what you’d have to say
and would rather puff haze all day—
his condescending attitude towards you and God gets on your last nerves
and the last words you heard from him were “you should prolly stop talkin ’cause you ain’t gon’ change me!”
And a few other explicit words
Them is finger nails on chalkboard words and they sting
But behind the scenes it seems that the universe’s Designer is dressing you in designer clothes
–not Gucci, Louis, or Prada—
But Patience, Kindness, and Gentleness all from the Father flows
–or better yet–
This Painter’s brush strokes resemble that of–
A portrait of what it would look like
If you were to unconditionally love–as Jesus did
Or– when you’ve got a friend who has loved the Lord for about a year or two
And as soon as her friends entice her
With a few—- drinks
She slides—- backwards through maturity’s door
And you stand there yellin’ “The Lord’s got so much more in store!–for you”
But she don’t wanna listen–
She drowns your voice out with alcoholism
And you’re fed up–
But this moment– oh this moment right here
Is where the Designer of that refining fire is refining you–
And your definition of what it means to relentlessly pursue
—after that one—
So slow down–
And realize that everything that He allows and does in your life is part of His design
to make you look more and more like Jesus Christ–
And when life starts to really get hard
Be so comfortable with sovereignty
To the point where you start million man marching
To that goal…


One thought on “The Bigger Picture (Spoken Word Poem)”

  1. As always, you blow me away with humility and skill in your writings. Nice to know that we as people are the magnificent work of art created by the mellifluous and ubiquitous God

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