Questions From The Elephant In The Room

So I’m gon’ talk about the elephant in the room
A touchy subject yet no one want to cop a feel—but still
Every once and a while I like to ask myself a couple of questions
And maybe you should too
—Like, why are we here?
Do we honestly believe that if we get a degree, find a job that fits our pedigree,
all the while chase the American dream then we will be completely satisfied?
Now understand my perspective, those questions were not suggestive of laziness
Education is good
But is it the end all be all?
Or consider this
What if we fully embraced a lifestyle of
Flying full speed into that Cheech & Chong cloud
Only to come crashing down
In that pool full of liquor just to die in it
Would it really wash all our problems away?
And for my brothers out there
Is there any other way to validate our manhood or navigate through this thing called manhood
Besides finding a couple of bad chicks to sleep with?
I mean–don’t get me wrong—sex is a gift from God
But what happens when it comes time to commit to that one woman
Or is that even an indication of masculinity anymore?
For my sisters out there
Is it possible to find love outside of another man’s sheets?
What if he ain’t pursuing you for keeps?
And after that one night you stand there watching as he leaves
Never to be seen again
And he left you brokenhearted with a seed growing in your belly
But would it profit you to pop a few pills
Thinking peaceful people peek through pain killers and penicillin?
Numb to all the pain for just a moment
But is it worth it?
Have we fully grasped the meaning of freedom?
Or does it slip through our fingers the minute we think it means the ability to do whatever we want?
Would a stomach full of hedonism only leave us even hungrier?
Now, I know those questions came at you like rapid fire
Possibly leaving bruises
But, I think I know where all these questions are leading up to
At the end of the day,
Are we truly satisfied with the way we’re living our lives?

“Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.” — Cesar A. Cruz